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Nuclear Receptors

Estrogens affect the physiology of many tissues and organs mostly via regulating the transcription of estrogen target genes through two estrogen receptor (ER) subtypes, ERα and ERβ. Intensive pharmaceutical research led to the development of Raloxifen (RAL) and Tamoxifen (TAM), now in clinical use as EVISTA and NOLVADEX respectively, displaying agonist or antagonist behaviour, depending on the tissue and thus termed as Selective Estrogen Modulatiops (SERMS). X-ray structures of ER-ligand complexes have revealed the key role of the conformation of the C-terminal Helix of ER Ligand Binding Domain (LBD), Helix-12, which can be associated to the agonist, antagonist or partial agonist activity of a ligand.

The new emerging computational tools can subsequently use these structural data for in silico modeling of ligand-receptor association (docking) in order to predict the activity of new ER ligands prior to their synthesis. In our group we explore the estrogenic activity of different synthetic as well as plant derived molecules (phytoestrogens). Moreover the efficiency of different computational approaches in predicting binding affinities of our newly synthesized analogues of RAL and the agonist/antagonist activity of well known ER binders are investigated for structure based drug design.

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